Code and Things

This is a blog for me to write down my thoughts about projects I work on.

Penetration Testing

In the field computer science, technology is ever changing and engineers need to stay relevant. To do that, we have to continue looking into new things that come out even if our current positions don’t require it. I’ve had an interest in security for years, and after discovering a podcast about computers and security Security Now, I realized I wanted more structured learning than passive reading and listening could provide. Security Now had a sponsor, IT PRO TV, that offered online learning content relevant to my interests.


My Goals: Learn GO Spend no money Build a Quotebot for Slack Make it easy to use Make sure it is expandable Open Source it Getting Started: I needed a project to work on in order to teach myself how to code in GO. At my company we started using GO on modular pieces that tie into our main code base. My colleague at work was spearheading that project and I wanted to be involved, but requirements and timing made it hard to do.


My friend told me about Go a year ago. I went through the tutorial and created a simple wiki page using Go as the front and backend. Install Installing Go got a lot easier recently and comes with an installer. There is a little PATH manipulation required but it is no problem to get set up and working. Code Coding in Go is a bit different from my background in PHP but once you wrap your mind around the differences it is really great.


After a recommendation from a friend I decided to take a look into Hugo. Hugo is a blog framework built on Go. I have been trying to find projects in Go so I can learn more about it so this seemed like a good start. I decided to take down my old site which was just a resume and profile for a blog. I’ve had prior experience with Drupal and Wordpress - they are great platforms, but I wanted something with less bloat so I decided to go with Hugo.


I heard about Polymer at a Google Meetup in Sacramento and immediately wanted to play with it. The ideas behind making such modular code were really amazing to see. With so much emphasis on using frameworks it was really refreshing to see something different. With Polymer you can plug it in to any existing frontend or build from scratch. Install Installation of Polymer is pretty easy using Bower. Package managers are really making installations a non-issue.