I have been working with computers for most of my life. I was lucky that while growing up they were always available to me. Programming has been what I wanted to do since I was a kid and I have been working toward that ever since. I have worked with many languages and tools but am never done learning. I can pick up any new technology or language and within a short period of time know it very fluently. I am an easy to get along with person capable of working with groups or motivating myself on personal projects. I have designed projects from the ground up and worked with a team to meet deadlines and deliver above expectations

Technical Skills

  Languages:        PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Go, Java
  Libraries:        Jquery, Underscore                          
  O/S:              Mac, Windows, Unix
  Databases:        MYSQL, Mongo
  Tools:            JetBrains, Selenium, LAMP, AWS, REST, wercker, Docker, K8s
  Frameworks:       Zend, Backbone.js, CakePHP, Springboot
  CMS:              Drupal, Wordpress, Hugo
  Other:            Architecture, Cloud Computing, SCRUM, AGILE, Team Management, Best Practices, Automated Testing

Professional History

Principal Developer, Shipwire (2022-Present): Shipwire was once again acquired and with 10+ years of experience at this point I began leading projects with teams of more than 10 people. With my team I designed and implemented critical projects that involved working with third parties, microservices, and data management solutions. I also work regularly on looking at the Shipwire code base as a whole and how it can be imported, from performance, security, reliability, readability, to portability, and deployment. I am always excited to take on new projects and work with my teammates to deliver. Key Skills:

Sr. Software Engineer, Ingram Micro (2018-2022): When Shipwire was acquired by Ingram Micro I was able to use my historical knowledge and skill set to help continue to grow the company by helping with new hires and training. I was also given opportunities to lead projects and work with my team to hit dealings and deliverables. Key Skills:

Software Engineer, Shipwire (2012-2018): During my tenure at Shipwire our engineering team has grown from 4 engineers to over 30 engineers. I created the infrastructure enabling this growth and continue to mentor and train new team members. I am responsible for leading projects and am scrum master for our team. I create REST APIs and front-end integrations using PHP, ZEND, HTML, Javascript, Backbone.js. I write automated integration tests for the APIs. I am also able to work with technologies like Go and Bootstrap to update our codebase. I advocate for PHP standards and the inclusion of automated API testing, both of which were implemented. Key Skills:

Software Developer, Fordela Corporation (2009-2012): Using Drupal I created a CMS for sharing and selling videos. With CakePHP, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, Selenium, CSS, HTML I helped create a secure media management website. I also worked on design for a mobile app that would use APIs to get content to mobile users. Worked closely with product management to efficiently create customized features for clients. Mentored other engineers and worked on paired programming projects. Key Skills:

Mobile App Developer, GoGuide (2012): Using Jquery Mobile and Ruby, I designed and submitted apps on the Android and iOS marketplaces. Coordinated QA of app before submission and implemented necessary changes to create a competitive product. Key Skills:

Intern Programmer, Grassroots Enterprises (2007-2009): Using Groovy on Grails, Java, Selenium, and other tools, I created and debugged software used for online advocacy. I created automated QA tests to make sure everything was working as expected. Key Skills:

Intern Programmer, Computer Sciences Corporation (2004-2005): Creation and maintenance of an internal website used by technicians to complete service orders on computers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I trained other team members to maintain the website as well. Key Skills:


BS, Computer Science: California State University, East Bay