My friend told me about Go a year ago. I went through the tutorial and created a simple wiki page using Go as the front and backend.


Installing Go got a lot easier recently and comes with an installer. There is a little PATH manipulation required but it is no problem to get set up and working.


Coding in Go is a bit different from my background in PHP but once you wrap your mind around the differences it is really great. We have all run into issues with proper error handling but with Go it is just built in. One of my favorite things about Go is how the structure is so well defined. The issue with a lot of older languages like PHP is that things keep getting added onto the language making it more and more flexible but also makes it much more complicated and prone to bad coding/errors.


I have only deployed Go servers locally but it is amazingly simple. Building your binary is easy and running the server is all there. I plan to try a sample deploy just so I can figure out how it works, I will make sure to update here when I do.