After a recommendation from a friend I decided to take a look into Hugo. Hugo is a blog framework built on Go. I have been trying to find projects in Go so I can learn more about it so this seemed like a good start. I decided to take down my old site which was just a resume and profile for a blog. I’ve had prior experience with Drupal and Wordpress - they are great platforms, but I wanted something with less bloat so I decided to go with Hugo.


Installing Hugo was very straight forward. Brew makes life much easier.


Coding took a little while to figure out but the documentation is pretty good and once you get started things are fairly simple. Unless you really need or want to, Hugo abstracts a lot of the code, almost all of it, from creating and managing a blog. It is a little more developer focused then Drupal or Wordpress but it is still very easy to use.


Deploying was probably the hardest part of Hugo for me, not because the process itself is hard but finding the information was not as straight forward as I would like. I have noticed that with a lot of Getting Started documentation it walks you though development and setting up simple application to run locally but then no info on actual deployment. Eventually I found how to build my Hugo project for release which was pretty neat. All of the static HTML generated and ready for deployment. I ended up setting up an Amazon S3 bucket for hosting my static site which is cheap, easy, and amazing. I was able to follow the steps to set up the S3 bucket and point my DNS from Hover to it with no problem. After I did the first deployment manually I set up Werker (which I always see as Wreker) to handle automated deployments. I will write separate posts for Werker and my experience with S3 Static Web Hosting in later posts but I am pretty impressed.